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The Cycle Of Life Returns To Its Beginning


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The Cage

Most people, no matter where they live on this planet, are comfortable with their religious beliefs and culture. However, that is not the case for me as I was born in America during the Jim Crow era, and the height of the civil rights movement.

Perhaps my unease or sense of uncomfortableness resulted from the environment that existed both in my home and community. For example, my mother went to church and practiced Christianity faithfully as did many in my community. But, my father never stepped foot in a church and did not allow the preachers, the bible, nor Jesus Christ to dictate how he should live.

Perhaps, that is the reason I never felt comfortable referring to myself as a Christian; maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure, I always acknowledged that I was a spiritual being, and with that, I was always comfortable.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, California there was no emphasis placed on nature, trees, plants, animals, and so forth. Life, like the sea, was constantly moving; it was busy all the time, cleaning the house, going to school, little league sports, preparing food, and adhering to the rigid demands of my father’s household.

I remember visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, where tigers, lions, guerrillas, and many other animals were in cages. They had been kidnapped, removed from their natural habitat, and shipped to Zoos all over the world.

No eating with the clan (mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings), no hunting for the food of their choice, a new diet, culture, way of life, and survival. And that is how I felt for most of my life, as though I was an animal residing in a Zoo, locked up in a cage. Ase!

Little did I know that the keys to the cage that held me captive were always within reach, they were hidden in a place within me, buried under centuries of cultural appropriation, dehumanization, misconceptions, fabrications, delusions, and white supremacy.

Once I discovered the location of the key, I knew and know today more than ever before, that the key was placed in me by my ancestors, and my ancestor’s presence and guidance taught and continue to teach me how to use the keys in my quest for freedom. Ase!

Cage Begins To Deteriorate 

When I graduated high school and went to college, it was my first time living among and traveling through segregated white communities. As I drove to and from campus there were many times I was pulled over by police and flashing red lights for nothing other than driving while black.

The police were the Zookeepers, and they were paid to keep Black people in cages. When they pulled me over they would ask, “Do you live around here,” and pull me out of the car, search me and the car, and afterward tell me, “I was free to go.”

Making it to campus every day was a sigh of relief. I don’t mean to spend too much time talking about my experiences, but these few reflections are meant to give meat to the bone. And, in this analogy, the bone is my spirit.

There on the college campus, I met for the first time in my life, Black people from the Caribbean. And, meeting those brothers changed my life, as those brothers knew something about being descendants of Africa and the ways of Africans.

One of the brothers gave me a book about meat, and after reading through the book I became a vegetarian. While I don’t remember the name of the book,Llaila O. Africa; African holistic Health, and Dr. U-Shaka Craig; Shifting Your Paradigm are both books that teach Black people about their diet and how food affects their health. 

Although I eat a piece of flesh from time to time, since those days I go long periods of time without eating flesh of any kind. And, as I learn about my ancestors, and acknowledge their presence in my everyday life, I gain strength, understanding, and a sense of self-control over and above this material world.

Growing up in Los Angeles no one ever talked about pyramids, dynasties, and kingdoms ruled by Black men and women. Even though this history was there all the time; all references to it were whitewashed.

You can imagine the shock and awe of finding out that the first and most credible stories about the first human beings on this planet are not to be found in the Bible or the Quran; they are skillfully etched on the walls of the pyramids and written within the sarcophagus of Black Kings who ruled Kemet, an ancient civilization in Africa.

For those unfamiliar with Kemet; Kemet is in Alkebulan (Africa) and today is known by the name Egypt. Kemet was considered the North-Eastern region of ancient Ethiopia, and according to Chancellor Williams, “Even today a number of African tribes four thousand miles south from Egypt still claim it as their ancestral homeland.”

In his book Egyptian Religion, Sir Wallis Budge provides a summary of Egyptian religion: 

“Egyptians believed in One God, who was self-existent, immortal, invisible, eternal, omniscient, almighty, and inscrutable; the maker of heavens, earth, and underworld; the creator of the sky and the sea, men and women, animals and birds, fish and creeping things, trees and plants, and the incorporeal beings who were the messengers that fulfilled his wish and word.”

In my petition for release from the cage, the cage being synonymous with Europeanism, Americanism, and Christianism, I base my case on the discovery that Europe and America were built by Africans using African sciences, engineering, astrology, and philosophy; likewise, that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are manufactured versions of Kemetic Theology.

Over four thousand years before the creation of the Genesis story of creation, the Nubians (Black people) of ancient Kemet recorded the world’s first revelations about God and Creation. Their revelations or corollaries are present in all major world religions.

For example, in the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, Sir Wallis Budge, translates the Egyptian hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics date back as far as 4100 B.C. The following quote is on page 174:

“The father in the beginning, the Maker of things which are. Creator of things which shall be. Source of the lands, Father of the fathers, Mother of mothers, Father of the fathers of the gods and goddesses, lord of things created in himself, maker of heaven and earth, and the Tauat, and water and the mountains, supporter of the sky upon its four pillars, raised up of the same in the firmament.”

On the other hand Genesis 1-8 records a creation story, which was written no earlier than the 7th century BC, and as late as the 3rd century BC, almost three thousand years after the Egyptian writings:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God saw the light that is was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning are the first day. Then God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. Thus God made the firmest, and divided the waters which were under the firmament; and it was so. And God called the formant heaven. So the evening and morning were the second day.”

My journey to freedom runs through Kemet, Ethiopia, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and South Africa which are all places of origin that populated ancient Kemet. These regions are populated by people and tribes who migrated from Kemet as Arabs and Europeans invaded Kemet causing them to migrate to the South.

Kemet is important to my spiritual understanding because of the wide body of records and revelations that were recorded about God, the creation of human beings, and life after death.

In his book, The Moses Mystery, Gary Greenberg, refers to the work of Sir Wallis Budge as he sites numerous references made by the people of ancient Kemet about the sole deity who was responsible for all creation, collected by Sir Wallis Budge. Consider these examples:

  • God is One and alone, and none other existent with Him; God is the One, the One Who hath made all things.
  • God is from the beginning, and He hath been from the beginning; He hath existed from of old and was when nothing else had being. 
  • God is the eternal One, He is eternal and infinite; and endureth for ever and aye; He hath endured for countless ages, and He shall endure to all eternity. 
  • God is life, and through Him only man liveth. He giveth life to man, and he breatheth the breath of life into his nostrils. 
  • God Himself is existence, He liveth in all things and liveth upon all things. He endureth without increase or diminution, He multiplieth Himself millions of times, and he possesseth multitudes of forms and multitudes of members.
  • God hath made the universe, and he hath created all that therein is: He is the Creator of what is in this world, of what was, of what is, and of what shall be. He is Creator of the world and it was He who fashioned it with His hand before there was any beginning; and he established it with that which went forth from Him.

The above information is a sampling of the records left to posterity by Kemetians; their records are a living testament that religious books as we know them today are redacted, plagiarized, allegorized, mythologized.

And, for me personally, I feel it’s important to acknowledge the people of ancient Kemet for laying the foundation of the material, as well as, the spiritual world we live in today. 

Alkebulan, Home of All Beginnings

Anthony T. Browder’s; Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization, is a book that shines a light on the Nile River and how it influenced the evolution of the central and northern regions of Alkebulan (Africa). 

In chapters 1-2, he delineates that the Nile River is the source that brought people from Southern Africa to Northern Africa. The Nile is one of only 2 rivers in the world that run in a northern direction, which is one reason why a number of scholars concur that the people who populated ancient Kemet, migrated from Southern Africa.

In ancient times that entire region was known as Ethiopia, which is why Browder says, “Egypt was an extension of Ethiopian civilization, which was the source of its language, philosophy, and religion.

All of this is said as part of my rationale for understanding and seeking the truth as it relates to myself, my spirit, humanity, and my relationship with the Creator.

The people responsible for building Kemet/Egypt, and recording the revelations of creation, and what happens upon the death of our bodies no longer reside in Egypt. As Arabs and Europeans invaded Egypt, they migrated to East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Central Africa.

Cheik Anta Diop; Precolonial Black Africa says, “The Yoruba, during antiquity, lived in ancient Egypt before migrating to the Atlantic coast. He uses as demonstration the similarity or identity of languages, religious beliefs, customs, and names of persons, places, and things.

There are a number of people and tribes (e.g., Yoruba, Ahan, Igbo, Bantu) living in Africa today who are descendants of the ancient Kemetic nation. The name Kemet means “Land of Blacks.”

Baba Ifa Karade; Yoruba religious Concepts says, “It’s important to note that the largest numbers of Africans enslaved for the New World labor came from the Yoruba. It’s also important to note that most of those enslaved are war prisoners taken from elite classes of soldiers and warrior priests.”


Christianity was created by the Roman Empire over a period of ruffly 700 years: it was propagated by strategic plots that included erasing the history of Egypt; its priest and its accomplishments.

The Roman Empire spared no one in their quest to Christianize the world. Their Christianity is replete with elements of fabrications; additionally, it is plagiarized Egyptian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian theology (Black Theology), which they used to enslave my African ancestors and indoctrinate them into white supremacy.

The journey for the truth has led me back to the beginning of the civilized world, i.e., back to where it all began; Alkebulan.

By Stephen Small


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