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for unity and solidarity among Afro-descendants; i.e., Black people.



independence, freedom, emancipation

European slave traders, merchants, colonial administrators, missionaries, anthropologist, adventurers, and explorers all played a role in painting favorable image of Africa to the rest of the world.

Control of international media is largely in the hands of the Europeans.Support our digital media program; it consist of platforms for Africans and Afro-descendants to tell their own story.

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help me and let me help you
Cooperation, interdependence

People in Africa and the African diaspora are becoming more independent and we can support their independence by creating partnerships and relationships that foster their visions for economic development and job creation.Support us as we join our brothers and sisters at home in the “Motherland,” and around the world in developing personal, family and community infrastructure and prosperity.



chief of adinkra symbols
greatness, charisma, leadership

United African Diaspora is based in Los Angeles County, US; and has access to a large community of people who have the gifts, talent, experience and passion to foster unity and solidarity with Africa and the African diaspora.Your support will help us maintain our staff, offices and networking ability; donate today and help UAD participate in the global effort to foster dignity, prosperity and self-reliance among Africans and the African diaspora.

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Your generous support for United African Diaspora will help us galvanize Afro-descendants throughout the world around their contributions to social structures and culture; as well as, the desire to see Africa free itself from the exploitative tentacles of neocolonialism.

Around the globe Africans and Afro-descendants are disrespected by other ethnic groups and races of people. They are oppressed, and exploited for the gifts, skills, labor; and their native home, Africa, is exploited for it’s natural resources, while it’s people are left suffering from dehydration, starvation, lack of health care and jobs.

Africans and Afro-descendants are in 54 countries; separated by land, sea, and languages. This makes it difficult, though no fault of their own, for Afro-descendants to empathize and feel compassion for one another. Likewise, the dispersion of Africans to all parts of the globe causes Afro-descendants to feel uncertain about their future.

United African Diaspora works to improve the state of mind, thus the quality of life for Africans and Afro-descendants as we interact and highlight lifestyles, culture, successes, and accomplishments, in addition to circumstances and conditions that cause underdevelopment, poverty and suffering.

Please, support United African Diaspora as we labor to identify and provide solutions for problems affecting the God given rights for Black people to live and prosper. Join us in our effort to foster unity and solidarity among African, Afro-descendants and their friends.