African Diaspora in America

Mission Statement

To develop business relations, share information, and build up solidarity, unity and value among Black people and their communities throughout the African Diaspora.

Our Model

Africa, and the African Diaspora are one of the largest communities in the world. United African Diaspora (UAD) began it’s operation in the United States sourcing products from businesses that import products from Africa. Today, UAD strives to network and partner with Africa and it’s Diaspora to not only produce and market products, but to also connect the socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and educational needs of the people with resources to meet those needs.

United African Diaspora’s blog features real life stories, events and articles reflecting issues impacting people living in Africa, and the African Diaspora. The UAD blog advocates for solidarity in confronting the historic oppression of Afro-descendants, fostering unity, innovation and determination in generating resources for people who desire nothing more than freedom from isolation, poverty, disease and violence.


UAD Store

We work to source products grown, produced and manufactured in Africa, Brazil, Haiti, and other African diaspora countries, including America. Then we sell those products in our online store.

Selling products sourced from Africa, and the African Diaspora facilitates economic development and supports families, villages, and businesses who need a way to get their products to markets where they can generated profits for

UAD Blog – It Help To Tell Our Own Story

Our blog fosters awareness relative to issues affecting Africa and Afro-descendants. For to long stories germane to Afro-descendants have been told with dishonest intentions, creating false narratives about Afro-descendants.

UAD uses it’s platform to advocate for unity and solidarity among Black people. Unity and solidarity empowers us to monetize our gifts and talent for one another, and supports norms that benefit and uplift all Black people.

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Thank you for your support. Our work began with your support, and will continue with support from our global community.